Our Picks Of The Top 5 US Hotel Spas

Our Picks Of The Top 5 US Hotel Spas

3. The Spa At Old Edwards Inn: Highlands, North Carolina

Top 5 US Hotel Spas
Wow is what you will say over and over again when you are kicking back at the Spa At Old Edwards Inn. While of course, a spa like this is going to offer an amazing therapeutic experience and offer you all the treatments under the sun that you could imagine.

It is really the setting that sets this apart from all the rest. With a charming woodland setting, blue ridge mountains and running rivers.

The Spa At Old Edwards Inn is like something out of a storybook. You will never want to leave! But when you do, we can promise you will feel amazing and most likely be thinking of ways to save money so you can come back!


4. The Spa At Hotel Park City: Park City, Utah

Top 5 US Hotel Spas

The Spa At Hotel Park City has saunas, meditation rooms and an outdoor pool that has a view of the mountains which is heated so even if it is snowing you can go for a dip! With a variety of treatments like there to die for stone massage.

If you want a relaxing weekend, you will have a hard time beating this place. You can even go for a hike during the morning to take in the beauty of Park City and then unwind with a relaxing afternoon in the spa.

The picturesque location really can make this a wonderful experience that you will never forget and if you are with the right person it can be romantic kind of getaway if you know what we are saying.  Some of the reasons why we picked this one to be on our list of top 5 US hotel spas.

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