The Top 5 Nude Beaches In The World

The Top 5 Nude Beaches In The World

3.  Brazilian butts in Praia do Pinho


Nude beaches in Brazil are surprisingly rare but that’s stopped naturism from establishing itself onto a shore. Located in the southern state of Santa Catarina, the nude beach opened in 1987 and nudists came flying in. Nudists who use the beach regularly make a point of saying “clothing is not an option”, with that kind of motivation, you don’t even need to be asked twice.

Many of the visitors are from Argentina and Uruguay and the town’s population increases dramatically from December through to February ( I guess that’s the best time to get naked).

4.  Play the digeridoo at Samuria beach


Nude Beaches2 ½ hours north of Sydney via the Pacific Motorway lies Samuria Beach, where you will find visitors playing volleyball, Frisbee and even tug-of-war ( with a rope!) all naked. The terrain is gritty and rocky though so make sure you pack adequate footwear instead of sandals or crocs.

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