The Top 5 Nude Beaches In The World

The Top 5 Nude Beaches In The World

Top 5 Nude Beaches In The World

The beach is the perfect location to soak up the sun, read a mystery thriller and enjoy a cocktail or two. There’s no way that a day at the beach could possibly get any better, except maybe if you happened to accidentally stumble into a nudist beach.

If you consider yourself adventurous, like really adventurous, then a trip to one of these nude beaches is something you need to experience at least once in your life.

You probably thought nude beaches were a myth but in reality, they are plentiful, you could have possibly drove past a nude beach once (though they aren’t exactly hard to miss).

1.  Strip off in Little beach, Hawaii

Nude Beaches


Hawaii is often portrayed as an excellent vacation for families but why should the kids have all the fun. Leave them behind and take a trip to Little Beach, you literally won’t need to pack anything.

An isolated strand with volcanic rocks, driftwood and high shrubs provide a little privacy on this nude beach. Nude sunbathing is illegal in Hawaii but the law hasn’t been enforced in years, also trying to arrest a group of naked sunbathers wouldn’t look too good on YouTube .

Naturists flock to Little Beach and popular activities here include body surfing, whale watching and swimming.

2.  Hippies’ favourite hangout at Red beach, Crete


With turquoise waters, ancient ruins and beautiful red sandstone cliffs, Red Beach is a beautiful location. Would could be more beautiful than that? How about a sea of nipples.

Back in 1968, hippies from all over Europe came to this little beach and stripped off (maybe they were really high). The Red Beach has since remained a naturist’s favorite due to its picturesque scenery and tolerance from relaxed locals.

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