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The Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream – A Review

The Disney Cruise Line Disney Dream – A Review

Disney Dream

Let’s preface this post by saying that before we went on the Disney Dream, we were already experienced cruisers.  We have cruised on most contemporary cruise lines: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian.  We had never tried Disney because of its (higher) price point and age of our daughter.  However, we discovered there was a Halloween themed cruise and we jumped at the opportunity.  Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed it and my daughter was very happy to have experienced the magic of Disney at sea!.

Since this is a review we will list the great, the good, the not so good and the ugly.  Just kidding!.  There was really no ugly on this cruise.  The Disney Dream is truly an amazing ship and the experience is truly unforgettable, specially for kids.

The ship


Disney Dream

It is beautiful, elegant, amazing.  End of story.

According to our research the Dream was introduced in 2011 and went through renovations in 2015, It holds 4,000 passenger so it is a big ship.

I have to say that the main highlight of the ship, specially for the kids is the  765-foot water coaster named AquaDuck.

It is high enough that you can see the ocean while you are sliding down.  If you are afraid of heights I would not recommend it. However, it is not a scary ride and lots of fun.

The cabins are very spacious, well appointed and we did not feel closed in.  We had a deluxe Ocean View with a large Porthole.

One little detail that may sound weird to some but I find that I should mention is the shampoo in the shower.  While I loved it because of the sea smell and how I felt it really cleaned my hair, I would be careful if using it on younger kids.  My daughter who’s 10 used it and it was too strong for her scalp.  She got a little bit in her eyes and it was really painful.  I would not use it on younger kids.

Disney Dream

The public areas were beautiful, very elegant and spotless.  Seriously, we did not see one dirty spot in any of the areas we walked by. That combined with the amazing service makes this ship worth the higher price point compared to the other cruise lines.

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