St. Thomas – A Caribbean blend of colors

St. Thomas – A Caribbean blend of colors

St. Thomas is known to be one of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea, and although it does not have a very large area (32 square miles) it can offer you an infinite number of possibilities to have fun.

This destination is preferred by tourists due to its multitude of colors. When you get here, you do nothing but stop and start looking around to make sure that this place is actually real.

St. Thomas

You will notice lots of cruiseships docked at the port.  It is a common view since St. Thomas is a “must” stop for Western Caribbean cruises.  Their duty free shopping is world famous and people can’t miss out on all the Jewelry and liquor bargains.

The first thing you have to try is just to relax. Yes, due to the beauty and uniqueness of this place, it is SO simple! You just have to be glad you got there.

Also, for those of you who are night birds, this island offers you an amazing nightlife: plenty of popular places where you can sing and dance until morning! You can come here in months like February or August, when the festivals of the place are perfect for family and friends. The specific carnival of St. Thomas is “V.I. Carnival”, which is celebrated in April-May.

As daytime activities, the island offers many things to do. You can start by visiting the aquariums or Ocean Parks such as Coral World Ocean Park. This 5 acre park offers aquariums, marine pools and nature trails.  It is a must visit attraction in St. Thomas.

St. Thomas

Snorkeling is another fun activity that tourists love about St. Thomas and its neighbor St. John.  Why not practice diving alongside the most amazing sea turtles, fish or dolphins.

You can even kayak in the dark or pet sharks!


If you are a person who really likes shopping, you have to know that St. Thomas is really popular for its amazing duty free stores.  St. Thomas has one the most extensive variety of Jewelry stores in the Caribbean.  You will see so many that you will not know which one to pick.

St. ThomasSt. Thomas



St. Thomas

Fungi with Fish

The food in St. Thomas originates mainly from European, American and West African cultures, with a lot of spicy dishes. You can taste Fungi, a traditional dish made of boiled cornmeal with okra, accompanied by boiled fish or saltfish. You can also choose Callaloo, a soup made up of callaloo leaves, which are sometimes replaced with spinach and usually mixed with okra.

St. Thomas



St. Thomas

Ft. Christian, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

The oldest structure and also a US emblem is Fort Christian, which is also a museum of the island

St. Thomas

Beracha Veshalom Vegmiluth Hasadim

You will also find one of the oldest synagogues in the Caribbean, Beracha Veshalom Vegmiluth Hasidim. Built in 1833, it is the longest Synagogue in continuous use in US soil.

This island is constantly pulsing energy because it is a wonderful combination of sophisticated life and Caribbean Paradise.

From peace and mystery to adventure and fun – St Thomas knows how to offer you everything, so that you will do nothing but marvel at the beauties of nature.

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