St. Martin – Into the wilderness

St. Martin – Into the wilderness

St. Martin


Editors Note: We finished this article a few weeks ago when Hurricane Irma was not even a thought.  We are heartbroken by the tragedy and loss of life that St. Martin, Barbuda, and other islands have suffered.  We hope that help arrives soon and that the Red Cross will help those displaced who need to rebuild their homes. We will be reaching out to the Red Cross to see what kind of work they are doing locally so we can donate and will post an update here as soon as we know.

Researching information on St. Martin for this article we grew fond of its beautiful scenery delicious food but most of all its wonderful people. 

The island of St. Martin is a place where every day is full of sunshine, every morning welcomes you with its warm breeze and every night charms you with its mystery. The Caribbean island is a mixture of French and Dutch cultures, a mixture of wilderness and urbanism at the same time, which is why this destination is very complex.

The first footprints on this island occurred about 6,000 years ago. The island was first inhabited by the American tribe Taino, and then, in the thirteenth century, it was occupied by the Caribbean tribe. The name of this island was given by Christopher Columbus, who was there in 1494 and it’s translated into three languages: “Sint Maarten” (Dutch), “Saint-Martin” (French) and “Saint Martin” (English).

St. Martin

As a tourist, you can start by taking a walk to get to know the surroundings. You have to go barefoot on the hot sand and let it caress you, you have to look far away to see how sky and water become the same, how the sea joins with the mountain.

If you are a hungry for  adventure, you should make your way to  the island’s mountainous trails and explore the tropical forests.

St. Martin

Check pout Paradise Peak which is the highest point in the Island.  Those brave enough to hike to the top are rewarded with amazing views.  There are several hikes you can do on Paradise peak and we included a few below:

St. Martin

Northeast Ridges
Distance: 4.5 km – Altitude difference: 410 m – Start: Pic Paradis – Finish: Orient Bay
Before crossing RN7, the path winds through the abandoned hamlet of Petit-Fond, where ruins and gravestones can still be seen.

Central Ridges
Distance: 6,5 km – Altitude difference: 155 m – Start: Pic Paradis – Finish: Col de Concordia and Mont Saint Peters antenna
The path roughly follows the line of the ridges. This hike is often unsuitable in rainy weather. Before you reach the Col de Concordia, a long stone wall represents the border between the two parts of the island.

Careta Ravine
Distance: 3.5 km – Altitude difference: 410 m – Start: Pic Paradis – Finish: Hope Lake.

Hope Ravine
Distance: 2.5 km – Altitude difference: 315 m – Start: Pic Paradis – Finish: Hope reservoir
This trail follows the ravine for the most part and passes through the Hope Estate archaeological site.

Eden Well
Distance: 3.5 km – Altitude difference: 215 m – Start: Pic Paradis – Finish: Pic Paradis.
The trail follows a ravine on the northern slopes of Pic Paradis, passing the remains of the Paradis sugar mill and a well with two great cast iron kettles before climbing back towards the peaks.

In St. Martin you can to do any water activity you like, whether you prefer swimming, scuba diving, jetskiing, sailing or anything else related to water sports.

If you want to take a break from the ocean for a bit, we suggest you to try other sports such as horse rides, cycling or visiting old buildings and museums.

If you love shopping, you will love St. Martin. It is a shopper’s paradise.

The fact that the island of St. Martin is duty-free and easy to import articles from makes it a favorite among the cruise ship crowd and those who see shopping, specially jewelry shopping as a sport!.

St. Martin

St. Martinis the culinary center of the Caribbean islands. Its French, Dutch English and Indian influence  makes its gastronomy a mosaic of flavors.

Some of our suggestions to try are:

Le Planteur : A tasty cocktail with a base of Rum and Guava nectar. simply delicious.

St. Martin


Codfish fritters: Small balls made out of fresh cod

St. Martin

creole court bouillon of fish: is a stock containing tomatoes and spices in which fish is cooked with added herbs and spices.  Absolutely delicious.

St. Martin

We can only tell you that the island of St Martin is one of the most beautiful and special islands in the Caribbean.

It’s an island where you can experience unknown places and fall in love with everything that surrounds you. You will simply be filled with the desire to come back.




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