Why St Lucia Is The Best Winter Escape

Why St Lucia Is The Best Winter Escape

Why St Lucia is the best winter escape

When winter comes round, everyday life can become a little frustrating. You have to walk slowly over icy ground in case of falling, your car needs defrosted and the neighbors kids might even try to throw snowballs at you. During these times, you might wonder whether winter is worth tolerating for yet another year or should you do something about it.

St Lucia is a stunning island, naturally decorated with luscious jungles, tall peaks and a hint of West Indian magic.

You won’t even remember what snow is when you visit St Lucia as there is so many activities on the idyllic tropical island. Instead of shoveling snow, you can give snorkeling a go, why explore the basement for extra blankets when you could maybe explore caves.

To get a better Idea of where to go, where to stay and what to do, we have compiled a selection of some of the best resorts on the island.

Morgan Bay Resort

St Lucia


A popular location for families, couples and honeymooners, the resort is fixated next to the palm-fringed beaches with the backdrop of the Piton mountains to help you forget all about pesky winter.

Guests staying at the resort are never short of options; there’s four pools, six restaurants, six bars and a range of all-inclusive activities such as tennis, kayaking, wake boarding, water skiing and much more.

Partaking in the resorts activities are completely optional, you can always just lie in a hammock and sip on a mojito.

Windjammer Landing Resort

St Lucia

The beautiful red-tiled cottages that make up Windjammer LandingResort will make guests feel like they are in paradise, especially since the quaint cottages are surrounded by tropical gardens.

The resort heavily features contemporary style combined with spacious rooms. The suites include kitchens that allow families or groups who enjoy cooking though you can request for a chef to pop by.

Some of the villas even have private plunge pools and Jacuzzis on the terraces assuming you manage to get free time since the resort offers an outstanding collection of activities. Visitors can choose to undertake a scuba course, go on a volcano tour, go snorkeling or get a few lessons in Tennis with a coach. Alternatively, if you want something more quieter, opt for a hour of fishing or explore the nearby wildlife area.

Marigot bay resort

St Lucia


The ultra-luxurious Marigot bay resort offers one of the highest standards of personalized service on the little island making it highly desirable to newly-weds and couples. The infamous bay is incredibly scenic, the location has even been used for movies in the past. For the adrenaline junkie in us all,  there is hiking, climbing, horse riding and water sports to get involved in.

There is a real emphasis on relaxation at the iconic resort, you can visit their library and find something to delve into while you are in the luxury Auriga Spa or lounge. If you hate reading then you are in luck because there is free WiFi throughout too.

What makes the resort really stand out is how the ultra-exclusive Capella Marina is home to some of the most impressive yachts in the world and guests can even arrange exclusive charters with a choice of various yachts.



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