Quick US West Coast Thanksgiving Getaways

Quick US West Coast Thanksgiving Getaways

Quick US West Coast Thanksgiving Getaways

Thanksgiving is nearly here, a time for family, a wonderful and fun time… in the movies maybe, but for most of us, it can be a very stressful time! If you have had enough and want to get away for a cheeky break on the West Coast, here are some great places you can go for a couple of days.

Find your perfect short holiday trip  by checking out these US West coast Thanksgiving getaways.  We are sure you will have a lot of fun and maybe even hide away from the Thanksgiving stress!


Big Sur, California

Thanksgiving Getaways

With a gorgeous coastline, Big Sur is very popular with creative types who are looking for that extra bit of inspiration. No matter if it is the waves crashing against the rocks or the elephant seals putting on a show for you. There’s going to be something here that really makes an impression.

The weather here is very nice all year round so even in November the weather is going to be ideal for a walk on the beach during the day and then you guys can snuggle up in front of a fire in the evening.

Big Sur is great if you want somewhere that is going to make you guys want to get outside and explore, think of it as the more laid back side of California. Oh, if it is a romantic weekend getaway you are looking for, you will really fall in love with Big Sur!


Ellensburg, Washington

Thanksgiving Getaways

What we love about Ellensburg, and the reason why we included it in our list of Thanksgiving Getways, is that it is a kind of two for one deal. Despite only being a couple hour drive away from Seattle, it could not be any more different. T

here is a really laid back kind of vibe here, with lots of parks, trees, flowers and other such things you can check out on your way to one of the many cozy coffee shops and restaurants that the area is known for.

Ellensburg is great if you are something of a history buff as there are all kinds of cool things you can check out as it is actually on the National Register Of Historic Places.

With the historical sites, along with all the shops, places to eat and relaxing spas make Ellensburg the kind of place you can spend a couple of days in, but really fill those days up with fun activities.

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