Places NOT To Go To In 2017

Places NOT To Go To In 2017

There is much to see in the world. However, interestingly, there is a lot to avoid too. At any other time, these destinations will be a tourist’s favorite but for reasons ranging from a Zika outbreak, tourist rip-off sites to places under construction, we think these are getaways that are better taken off of a tourist’s map for some time in 2017:

1.Don’t go to Dubai

Dubai is in an under-construction phase right now because it is preparing for the Dubai Expo 2020 wherein it plans to unveil some even bigger jaw-dropping sights. That fills us with excitement but it also means that some of the spectacular attractions like the world’s largest tower will not be completed until 2018.


Instead go to Hong Kong

So, until Dubai crawls back to its towering glory, you can consider visiting Hong Kong. The latter doesn’t have the world’s tallest building but it does have the longest hotel on earth i.e. the Ritz-Cartlon Hong Kong. When you are not napping in the clouds, you can pamper yourself in Hong Kong’s luxury boutiques, become a shopaholic in the street markets, dance away the night and dine in world-class eateries that can rival any competitor across the world.

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