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Mexico City A North American Gem (Part 1)

Mexico City A North American Gem (Part 1)

Mexico City

According to a New York Times article, Mexico is one of the places you should visit in 2016. However, it is not that you should visit it only in 2016.

Given a choice, we would visit it every year because one visit to a city such as this that is awash with history is not enough to discover the secrets buried in its heart.

From the Aztecs to the Spanish, to its contemporary edge, this is a city that lives and breathes history and jostles for space with modernity.

Do not be overawed by its seemingly unmanageable chaos.   Just when you think that you have had enough, the city will give you the breathing space with its old –world cantinas, captivating museums and boating cruises along ancient waterways. 

Welcome to Mexico and be a part of history.

Below, we look at some of the best attractions that Mexico City has to offer.

This list is certainly not exhaustive but if you are hard-pressed for time, it should satiate your hunger for getting a snapshot of Mexican culture:


Centro Historico

This is the place where it all began and where you should begin too. The Zocalo or the Plaza de la Constitucion was the centre of Mexico City even before the Spanish arrived.

The Zocalo is the largest square in Latin America and the third largest in the world after Moscow’s Red Square and Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

Historic colonial landmarks like the Metropolitan Cathedral and the famous Aztec Templo Mayor can be found here.

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