Martinique – A Little Piece of France In the Caribbean

Martinique – A Little Piece of France In the Caribbean

Food and Activities

If you want even more fun, you can come to the island’s annual carnival, which lasts five days, somewhere near February and March. This is an important event of the place, they sing a lot and dance Brazilian samba.


The local cuisine is a mixture of French and Creole food. For this reason, there are many places where you can try seafood and other traditional dishes, as well as French restaurants and brasseries that are in Parisian style.


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For those who like to explore and learn new interesting things about Martinique, we recommend visiting the Volcanologique Museum, founded in 1932. Here you will find the tremendous story of the volcanic eruption (Mont Pelee, 1902), that simply devastated the island’s surroundings. Among the different exhibits, you will also see different pictures of the island before and after the ugly event.

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