Luxury Cruiselines To Add To Your Bucket List

Luxury Cruiselines To Add To Your Bucket List

luxury cruiselines



Size: Small Luxury Cruiseline


Where it sails: French West Indies in the Caribbean in the winter and the Mediterranean in the spring, summer and fall.


Ship features: You will enjoy superb French style cuisine, exceptional service, and refined luxury aboard the three-masted schooner Le Ponant, or on one of Ponant’s three elegant luxury yachts, L’Austral, Le Boreal, and Le Soleal. Able to access smaller ports inaccessible to larger vessels, these graceful ships provide the perfect combination of ultimate escape in a relaxed intimate setting, with exploration at its best aboard what feels like your own private yacht.

Their more well known of their fleet of yachts is Le Ponant.  Le Ponant is small and sleek size, which means it can sail very close to shore, which allows for some beautiful, scenic views of the coast. Le Ponant is an all-inclusive and aims at making you feel like you’re travelling on your own private yacht. It is also French owned and operated, which means every menu is inspired by French cooking, including both country and nouveau styles.

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