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A Guide To Mexico City’s Diverse Gastronomy Part 2

A Guide To Mexico City’s Diverse Gastronomy Part 2

Mexico City’s Diverse Gastronomy

In the previous part of our culinary trip to Mexico City we provided you a guide to the different kinds of cuisine that make Mexico a multi-culinary haven.

In this part II of our article, we take a closer look at some of the restaurants that have found repute across the globe and missing out on them is simply not an option. 

Immerse yourself in culinary heaven as we bring you a guide to some of the best restaurants in Mexico City.

Mexican, International or Continental, everything is just a plate away from you. We hope you enjoy our part II of Mexico City’s diverse gastronomy.


Contramar is a seaside restaurant whose specialty comes as no surprise – seafood. Excuse the poor joke but what is no joke is that this stylish dining hall in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City is given serious respect by bon viveurs. Do not forget to try out the tuna fillet Contramar style – split, swabbed with red chilli and parsley sauces and grilled to perfection. The much copied tuna tostada elsewhere is the real deal here. Reservations are recommended. They are open from 12 and close at 6.30 pm usually. On Friday and Saturday, they close at 8.

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