The Danube Delta – Heaven of birds and fish

The Danube Delta – Heaven of birds and fish

The Danube Delta

Danube Delta

It’s so hard to describe what nature has done with the Danube Delta, that’s why you must see it with your eyes.

It’s an exotic, complex destination with dozens of species of birds, fish and insects. It’s like nature took a pencil and started painting everything that went through her head, resulting in a masterpiece.

The Danube Delta is the newest and also the lowest region in Europe. It was created in Romania, Eastern Europe, near the Black Sea.

Given that this location is so rich in nature, the Danube Delta occupies the third place in the world as a natural reserve. It has three large arms that embrace the water in a natural and harmonious way.

To get here, you need to take a small water trip, which will depart from Tulcea (southeastern Romania) and will take you to those three arms that we told you about: Sulina, Chilia and St. George. Once you get there, you can trust the locals in the area who usually have boats: they can walk you around and they can show you the surroundings.

The first thing you can do when you get here is obviously boat riding. This place is mostly made up of water, so it would be a pity to stay on land for too long. Whether you are walking or just admiring the nature, this place will hypnotize you with the chirping of the birds and the song of the crickets. You will be enchanted by what colors you can meet here at sunrise and sunset.

If you can’t wait to taste the Romanian goodies, be sure that The Danube Delta will serve you with various traditional dishes. You can eat a delicious grilled fish or enjoy some fish soup! Whether it’s roasted, cooked, smoked, salty, raw, dry, in a soup, in brine or stews, fish is the main food here! It’s up to you!





The Danube delta also offers you the opportunity to practice snorkeling, canoeing, riding, swimming or cycling!

Danibe Delta

If you just want to relax, you should really try Lipovenian Bath (Baia Lipovenească), which is a kind of sauna, but you can’t know how it feels like until you try it!

The Danube Delta is a place that has gradually formed over the years and has turned into a wonderful destination! It’s such a wild place, unspoiled by people, and a place where you have to go to understand the power of nature!

P.S.: It is said that if you hear the cuckoo singing in the delta, it is good to have some money in your pocket for good luck in everything you do for the rest of the year!

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