Cheap Travel Accommodation for the Adventurous

Cheap Travel Accommodation for the Adventurous

A big lie in travel circles is that you need to be rich to see the world. Travel can be and is affordable. What’s required is just a little bit of patience and a mindset that is open to new things and exploration. But then, you already have an explorer’s mindset, right? Why else would you be travelling otherwise?

Cheap travel accommodations are available around the world. Check out these affordable options:

Note: We are not including free options like squatting or sleeping in public places because while one-off  encounters like this might be fine, taking these options as regular means of accommodation is neither feasible nor safe.

Cheap Backpacker Hostels

COST: $5 – $20 Per Night
Backpacker hostels are a great option for a budget-minded traveler. Hostel rooms typically have space for 4-10 individuals and are usually furnished with bunk beds. Personal lockers are also available to secure your belongings. A very basic breakfast is usually included too.
Some hostels also have few private rooms for those who want a little more privacy but in general, they usually provide a highly social atmosphere for fellow travelers to interact with each other. A communal kitchen and living area also help in ensuring this.
Avoid hostels that don’t provide lockers for your valuables.
Earplugs and eye-masks will help you tackle late night noise and unwanted light.
Hostels are ideal for those looking to meet new people and save money. If you are not too finicky about privacy and sometimes a little bit of noise, give backpackers hostels a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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