The Best Road Trips In America

The Best Road Trips In America

Embrace the outdoors and satiate your wanderlust with the advent of spring as you embark on these road trips that underline America’s love with road trips. You don’t need to travel far as some of these rides under 50 miles illustrate.  Spring into action, the road awaits you.

The Music of Route 66

Start: Albuquerque, New Mexico

End: Moriarty, New Mexico

Distance: 38 miles
Route 66 is the subject of countless movies and on every road trippers’ bucket list. Ride on this iconic route any day but now there is a twist on this route that you should not miss out on. A strip of the road has been made “musical” which means that a series of rumble strips near the village of Tijears, east of Albuquerque, have been calibrated in such a way that if you drive the speed limit(45 mph) , the vibrations in your car buzz to the tune of “America the Beautiful”.
Keep your eyes peeled for Route 66 Relics such as the Sunset Motel and old bars. Start your drive in Albuquerque and not anywhere else as the road plays music only if you’re driving east.

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