The Bahamas – A Miracle Of Nature

The Bahamas – A Miracle Of Nature

The Bahamas

Try to create many jewels out of a larger one and you get The Bahamas.

Home to 700 wonderful islands of the great Caribbean and the place where you have 700 reasons to be happy. It’s like the pirates of the Caribbean have gone looking for the treasure and found it so close to them.

Among the most popular islands in the Bahamas are The Abacos, Long Island, Nassau, Cat Island, San Salvador, The Exumas, Andros and Inagua. Any island you choose will please your senses.

The Bahamas claims the largest concentration of celebrity-owned private islands anywhere in the world. Its pristine white beaches, stunning vistas and spectacular waters, together with its proximity to the US mainland, make this destination very popular with the rich and famous set.


Nassau is the most popular spot with visitors because of the Eastern Caribbean cruises who make Nassau part of their itinerary and because of Atlantis.


Atlantis Nassau Resort

Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas is a luxury resort which includes a casino, high-end shops, as well as a water park.  Atlantis has something for everyone.  If you are a couple on a romantic vacation, you can enjoy a romantic dinner at the world famous Nobu and after you can try your dancing skills at the Aura, a 9,000-square-foot Jeffrey Beers designed nightclub.


If you are traveling with the whole family you can’t miss the Atlantis Aquaventure water park, the marine habitat and Dolphin Cay where you get to swim with Dolphins.

In terms of food in the Bahama, as you can imagine seafood is the preferred fare in the islands.  The most popular dish is Conch prepared in any way you can imagine. Fried mostly but you can also find it in lots of salads or  accompanied by peas and rice. Bahamian food is somewhat similar to southern American food, and is usually seasoned with chilli pepper, rum or coconut.

In terms of activities in the Bahamas, golfing, diving, snorkeling are all in the menu of activities you can do in the Bahamas.  You can also try kayaking, swimming along with dolphins or sailing. If, instead, you are in a just relax mood, you can just sit on the hot sand and admire the waves.

The biggest event in the  Bahamas is Junkanoo, a street parade held on December 26th and January 1st. People dress up in paper suits, and they dance and listen to junkanoo music. Clothes are made from scratch every year, and they consist of colorful papier maché and cardboard.


Junkanoo Parade

Moreover, the Bahamas is also a place for gambling. If you feel lucky, you can go to Nassau or Paradise Island and play Caribbean poker or spin the roulette. They don’t have activities just in the daytime, the night is just as fun here!

The island is also full of history. It is believed that Bahamas has existed since 300-400 AD!

Legend says that the first people who came here were from Cuba, and they were soon followed by Lucayan Indians.

Did you know that when Christopher Columbus first came to the West Indies in 1492, he landed on San Salvador, a Bahamian island? Well, you do now!

You can see that Bahamas is full of history and wonder, it is full of action and mystery, of light and color. It is a place that will always welcome you with warm breeze, quiet water and fine sand, being nothing more but a paradise waiting to be explored.

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