African Safari – Our Top 4 Picks

African Safari – Our Top 4 Picks

Kruger National Park

African Safari

Kruger Park is South Africa’s most exciting African safari destination. It’s home to about 500 species of birds, 120 species of reptile, including African rock pythons, black mambas and about 3200 crocodiles, 40 species of Amphibians, and 60 species of fishes.

With 147 species of mammals including the Big five game animals as well as cheetahs and wild dogs, Kruger National Park have the highest number of large mammal species than any other African game reserve. With over 22,000 square kilometers land mass to explore, whatever your taste, the wildlife will leave you overwhelmed.

The secret is the diversity of habitats, hills, and savannahs to floodplain forests. Ample water helps to ensure the concentrations of the game throughout the year.

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