8 Cozy Log Cabin Getaways for the Perfect Winter

8 Cozy Log Cabin Getaways for the Perfect Winter

Log Cabin Getaways

Wintry evenings, smoke rising from a log cabin and a winding path leading into the forest and the unknown…you get the picture. There is something inherently romantic about log cabin getaways in winter. If you are the kind that loves to get lost in the lap of nature and be in the middle of nowhere, here is our list of recommendations for some of the most luxurious log cabin-inspired getaways in the U.S. Don’t worry, we are not sending you back in time (these cabins do have modern amenities) but hey, this will be the next best thing to being transported back in time.


Dunton Hot Springs

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1. Dunton Hot Springs

Eighteen hundred ghost towns make up this resort with antique miner’s cottages at each step. There, we said it. But don’t expect ghostly interiors. Outdoor showers make the most of mountain views and there are hot springs on site. You even have a dance hall and meals are served in an old saloon. Now that’s what we call aged to perfection.
By the Way: You wouldn’t associate Colorado with Wine but Dunton has a sister property called Sutcliffe Vineyards, located about an hour and a half away.

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