6 iPhone Apps for Easier Travel

6 iPhone Apps for Easier Travel

When was the last time you spent a day without using an app on your mobile phone?  Apps have become a part and parcel of our daily lives so much so that we do not even pause to think about them anymore. They are part of our everyday routine and there is an app out there for almost anything under the sun that you can imagine. iPhone’s app store is a proof of that with more than 2 million apps and 500 to 1000 getting released each week.  Scouring through this colossal mass is no mean task but don’t worry. We have made your task easier when it comes to travel. While all apps claim to be excellent, you will find that there are some that leave you in the lurch when you discover that downloading data in a new country can cost you a bomb or your taxi booking app doesn’t have data for international locations.

Here are 6 travel apps curated by us from the iPhone store that will make your travel life easier:


Price: Free
Who says that memories of your travel must come alive only through photos? Using this app, you can record the sounds of your travel so that they remain fresh in your memory forever. Record the Big Ben’s gong, birdcalls in Costa Rica or street musicians in Barcelona. You can capture sounds from a distance too. Once you reach home, you can run iTalk Sync (also free) on your computer and it will transfer your soundscapes to your computer.

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